We find that having a strong partnership with our primary supporter, Bosch, promotes an environment of mutual benefits. 32 employees from Bosch have donated their time, effort, and knowledge year round into helping maintain a successful team. The mentors support in all aspects, from providing their teaching in all areas to creating a real life model of the work environment.  Bosch has also opened their facilities to our kickoff, end of the year banquet, and summer meetings and classes. In return, we have had nine students utilize their FIRST background to gain employment at Bosch. Two of these students became interns after completing a thorough application process, including an essay and an interview. Five students have interned during their college career. The two others were able to give back full time employment at Bosch after college graduation. Bosch continued to support our students and our programs by donating over a million dollars to the STEM Academy on our campus. Furthermore   Bosch helped us collaborate with Schoolcraft College to create workshops in CNC Training, marketing, and electrical to give our students more experience outside of build season.

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