What is Lightning Robotics?

Welcome to the website of FIRST Team 862 of Canton, MI! Our team is made up of students from Salem, Canton, and Plymouth High Schools, and competes annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FRC, as it is often shortened to, is a worldwide competition with over 3,000 teams from all 50 states and a number of countries. Feel free to browse around - you might want to check out this year's competition, look at our awesome sponsors, or maybe visit the FIRST website.

Our team has been around for over 15 seasons, and in that time has become very well-established, both in our school and in our community. Originally numbered Team 465 with so few students you could count them on your fingers, Team 862 has grown to include over 100 students, 30 mentors, and several great sponsorsincluding Robert Bosch Llc. Our team engages in a number of outreach activities - in addition to numerous small demonstrations throughout Plymouth and Canton, we raise funds for cancer at Relay for Life and demonstrate at the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.


An excerpt from the 2015 Chairman’s Award submission:

“Spreading our influence is a team-wide effort as we all come together to make FIRST loud.”
Sixteen years ago, this team began challenging the status quo and excelling further than expectations. Now, more than ever before, we strive to build a team that greatly impacts not only our students, but our community, our sponsors, and the future of science and technology. Through FIRST, our team has given students a purpose, a career path, and a reason to love the word “nerd.” We want to show what our team can do, and what anyone can do if they get involved. We show our students the opportunities they have within reach, and they show us the difference they can make. Our mentors encourage us to take charge of our own experience on the team, stressing that what we put into the team is what we get out. However, no one will get anything out of what FIRST has to offer if we never expose them to it. We work to accomplish this by engaging our immediate community, including schools, businesses, organizations and the FIRST community including FRC, FTC, and FLL.