States Blogpost



From April 13-16, Lightning Robotics competed at the FIRST in Michigan State Championship! We were assigned to the DTE Division and finished our qualifying matches in 22nd place. We were graciously chosen by Alliance 8, with alliance captain FRC3655, Tractor Technicians, and FRC4392, The Deceivers. During the Quarterfinal Showdown, our alliance brought a storm to the field and came out on top! Although Void and his drive team fought as hard as they could, we received a close defeat in the Semifinals. Congratulations to our Marketing team, along with our Pit Crew, for winning the Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen. Thank you to our drive team, technician team, Pit Crew, FRC3655 and FRC4392, as well as our gracious sponsors who allowed us to make it this far. Onto World Championships!