District Competition Recap



Over the past 6 weeks, Lightning Robotics has been working hard at our two district competitions, Milford and Macomb! At our Milford District Competition (March 11-12), Void and our drive team worked relentlessly and we finished the Qualifying matches in rank 17. We got chosen by the 5th alliance with alliance captain FRC4382, GEMS, and FRC1502, Technical Difficulties. Void pushed his way valiantly through the playoffs, and our alliance came out on top and won the event! On top of being the District Event Winner, we also won the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors. At our second competition, the Macomb District Competition (April 1-2), we finished the Qualification matches in 14th and were chosen by the 6th alliance, led by FRC469, Las Guerrillas, and together, we chose FRC5860, Full Metal Muskrats. Although we worked hard in the Quarterfinals, we were unfortunately knocked out in Quarterfinal 4 Match 3. We would like to congratulate our Business Operations for winning the Entrepreneurship Award for their outstanding work on our team’s Business Plan. We would also like to give a big thank you to the members of our Drive Team, Chairman’s Team, Pit Crew, Technician Team, and every single student on Lightning Robotics who made our accomplishments possible, along with our gracious sponsors and mentors.