2013 Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent is played on a 27’x54′ field. There are two pyramids placed in the center of each half of the field. There are five scoring locations located on the opposite end of the field from the alliance station where that teams drivers are. Four of the goals are located on the opposing alliance’s wall. The fifth is part of the pyramid at that end of the field.

Ultimate Ascent matches are two minutes and fifteen seconds long. The first fifteen seconds are called the autonomous period. During this Period the robot follow a set of pre-programmed instructions. following this period the teams take control for the tele-op period. Drivers attempt to score discs the scoring zones at the opposite end of the playing field. The drivers also can climb the pyramid at the end of the match to score additional points. In the final thirty seconds the human players can throw discs into play over the alliance wall.

Scoring is broken up as follows:

Goals Scored Pyramid Climbing Points
Low Goal 1 Point (2 during Autonomous) Level 1 10 Points
Middle Goal 2 Points (4 during Autonomous) Level 2 20 Points
High Goal 3 Points (6 During Autonomous Level 3 30 Points
Pyramid goal 5 Points    
All Teams in attendance are seeded during the Qualification MATCHES. If the number of Teams in attendance is ‘n’, they are seeded ‘1’ through ‘n’, with ‘1’ being the highest seeded Team and ‘n’ being the lowest seeded Team.
Einstein Championship Field Semifinalist

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Entrepreneurship Award won at State Competition
Winner of Kettering University and West Michigan District Events
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Kettering University District Competition
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Michigan State Championship
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