2010 Breakaway

Two alliances of three teams each compete on a 27′ x 54′ field with bumps attempting to earn points by collecting soccer balls in their goals. Additional bonus points are earned for each robot not touching the field at the end of the match.

Robots may not possess more than one ball at a time, but they may herd and kick multiple balls at a time. Balls must remain in contact with the floor while in robot’s possession.Alliances must return scored balls to the field quickly. Only one robot at a time is permitted to play defense in front of the opponent’s goals.

Our History
Main Sponsor
Robert Bosch, GmbH
Robot Name
Entrepreneurship Award
Events Attended
Kettering District, Ann Arbor District, State Championship
Our preseason began with a strong showing at Kettering Kickoff .We improved our rookie education model and made improvements where necessary from the previous year. That year we restructured the team to form a more solid foundation. During build season, in addition to working on the robot, our team tried a new approach to playing the game: we spent time trying to find the most effective way for a human player to do his job. This proved to be valuable at competition. Also, while at competition, our scouting teams become more proactive and started studying other teams’ to find patterns and devised our match strategies. At the Ann Arbor competition, our team was able to pull together all of our efforts into a business plan that allowed us to win the entrepreneurship award. This proved to be successful, as we won the award. During the State Championship, former student and current mentor Eddie McClendon passed away. This was a very moving time for the team; a large amount of orange appeared at his funeral, and he was a large motivation for Relay for Life. We raised more than $5000, which surpassed all previous years’ fundraising efforts.