2008 FIRST Overdrive

FIRST Overdrive was a game played on a playing field called a track. Two alliances composed of three teams each competed in each match to earn the highest score by making counter-clockwise laps with their robots around the track while moving large trackballs over or under the overpass that bisects the track.
A match was 2 minutes and 15 seconds long.  It began with a hybrid period in which robots were controlled by pre-programmed instructions or transmitted information from the robocoach.  After a brief period, drivers assumed control of the robot for the remainder of the match.
Teams recieved points from driving around the track. Teams recieved additional points if they lifted the trackball over the overpass as they went around the track.

Our History
Main Sponsor
Robert Bosch, GmbH
Robot Name
Events Attended
Boilermaker Regional, Great Lakes Regional
During the preseason, we continued to mesh our new sponsor with the team. Our build season began with a focus on the design process, taking almost a week to fully decide our approach to the challenge. This year we tried using mechanum wheels. They allowed us to move in different directions easily, something very important for this year’s game which involved changing directions quickly. Mid-way through the build season, we decided to build a lift and had to go through the design process again during which the electrical board had to be rebuilt four times to accommodate changes to other mechanical subsystems. That valuable learning experience provided our new rookies an opportunity to fully learn about the electrical system. Eventually, the hours of build every night had to be extended. During competition, we tried something new. One of the freshmen and rookies of the team, Matt L., was selected to try driving. He did well and was allowed to continue driving. At Great Lakes, we did even better and we were the final selection for 8th seed alliance. That led to a very unique situation: all three teams on our alliance were orange-colored; we were the “orange alliance.” That year also saw the first of on-field coaching and strategizing of our head field coach, Joe Jagadics. Joe was a former student leader and returning college mentor. After reflecting on the season, we realized the importance of computer modeling via CAD to increase build efficiency.  Again, we had our continued attendance to Ypsilanti Heritage Event, Liberty Fest, and Relay for Life.