2007 Rack ‘n’ Roll

In Rack ‘n’ Roll, each match was 2 minutes 15 seconds long. The game this year pit two alliances, red and blue, with three (3) robots on each alliance, against each other. The goal of the game was for the robots to put toroidal game pieces onto one of twenty four (24) spider legs on the central structure called the rack. The game was played in three (3) periods: Autonomous, which was fifteen (15) seconds, Teleoperated, which was two (2) minutes, and End Game, which was the last fifteen (15) seconds of the Teleoperated period. An alliance scored points for the number Ringers or Keepers in a row, the more in a row the more points an alliance will get. An alliance could negate or cancel a Ringer put on by the other team by placing a Spoiler on the same spider leg. A Spoiler could not negate a Keeper. An alliance could gain bonus points by elevating one or two robots off the game floor in that alliances Home Zone during the end Game period.
Our History
Main Sponsors: Robert Bosch LLC & Visteon Corporation
Robot: BorisAwards: None
Events Attended:Great Lakes Regional, FIRST Championship Event
Schools: Salem H.S., Canton, H.S., Plymouth H.S., Belleville H.S., East M.S.
History:Over the summer, we started meeting with a possible new sponsor, Robert Bosch LLC. As September drew to a close, we heard the good news that Robert Bosch LLC agreed to sign on as a sponsor for our team. And with them, we also gained a new sense of direction and several important mentors to aid us. During our preseason, we were selected to participate in a pilot competition using fuel cells. As part of the program, the team was given a small fuel cell to experiment and test possible outcomes for its use. This opportunity provided us with a great learning experience. Concluding this experience, our 2005 robot, Carlson X, was retrofitted to run solely off of the onboard hydrogen fuel cell. The transition from Visteon to Bosch sponsorship, though providing many challenges, was ultimately successful as two different cultures of team management were combined to form a unified team. With Visteon’s final donation to the team, we were able to purchase a mill for the machine shop at the school. Though the robot struggled through competition, the team profited from the lessons learned and opportunities we had to come together. We also had our continued participation in Relay for Life and Ypsilanti Heritage Festival during the off season.