2003 Stack Attack

In Stack Attack, each match was 2 minutes and 10 seconds long. The carpeted field was 24 feet wide by 54 feet long; across the center was a 12′ by 4′ plastic platform 2 feet off the ground, accessible by 2 12 foot wide 8 foot long ramps made of welded steel wire mesh. Across this platform 29 Bins were stacked in a pyramid shape. The first 10 seconds was for human player mode. Human Player’s each had 4 Bins that they could put anywhere on their side of the field then get back on their pressure pads. The game was played 2 vs. 2 and the next 15 seconds was the autonomous period (a new feature) where the robot had to run on their own. The remaining time was driver control. The game was scored by awarding one point for each Bin in your alliances scoring zone that number was multiplied by the number of Bins in the highest stack in your zone, 25 more points were awarded if you robot was on to of the platform at the end of the match.

Our History
Main Sponsor: Visteon Corporation
Robot: Ziff 2.0
Awards: None
Events Attended:Great Lakes Regional, West Michigan Regional
Schools: Salem H.S., Canton H.S., Plymouth H.S., Plymouth Christian Academy
History:The year 2003 was a learning year with a robot designed to stack boxes. The team grew, membership-wise, to around 30 students. The two regionals we attended were the Great Lakes Regional and the West Michigan Regional. The results from the two regional’s were a bit disappointing but team effort was spectacular and over all the season was a success.