2002 Zone Zeal

In Zone Zeal, each match was 2 minutes long. The field was divided into 5 zones. The game is played 2 vs. 2. Human players and robots scored by shooting as many of the 40 yellow and 20 orange size 5 soccer balls into one of three identical goals on castors. A match was scored by adding 1 point for each ball in a goal in your scoring zones 1,2,4,5, ten points for a goal in one of your scoring zones 2 or 4 and 10 points for a robot in your robot zones 1 or 5.

Our History
New Team Nickname: Lightning Robotics
New Team Number: 862
Main Sponsor: Visteon Corporation
Robot: Ziff
Awards: Highest Rookie Seed – Archimedes Division – Championship Event
Events Attended:Great Lakes Regional, West Michigan Regional, The Championship Event
Schools: Salem H.S., Canton H.S.
History:November 19th 2001 marked the first meeting for the whole team with our new sponsor Visteon giving our new team a little more than a month to prepare before kickoff. The team traveled to two regionals (Great Lakes Regional, and West Michigan Regional) and the Championship at Epcot, Disney World, Orlando, Florida. The robot featured a hook to pull the goals around and a forklift like device to lift up other robots. Ziff suffered motor mount and traction problems at Great Lakes but got better at West Michigan and the Championship. We placed 8th in the Archimedes division at the Championship event. For our alliance we selected Team 126 “Gael Force” and Team 449 “The Blair Robot Project.” We were defeated in the third game. We also won several team awards for spirit.