2000 Co-opertition FIRST

Our team was started in 1999 as FIRST Team 465 for the 2000 FIRST Robotics Competition. Since then, we have grown steadily and subsequently become FIRST Team 862.

The Game – Co-Opertition FIRST
In Co-Operation FIRST, each match is two minutes long. Across midfield are two 6 foot high goals separating the goals is an eight foot wide carpeted ramp. Under each goal is a 30 inch clearance bar. Above the ramp is a 5 foot high clearance bar that the robots may also hang from. The game is played 2 vs. 2. Robots and human players scored by getting as many of the 29 13 inch yellow balls and 4 of the 13 inch black balls in to their goal. A match was scored by adding up all the points for balls in the goals 1 for each yellow and 5 for each black. Alliance were awarded five additional points for robots completely on the ramp and 10 points for robots hanging from the bar.

Our History
Main Sponsor: CTS- Creative Technology Services
Robot: Zeus

2000_Zeus2000: Zeus

Awards: None
Events Attended:Great Lakes Regional, National Championship
Schools: Salem H.S., Canton H.S.
History:In 1999, our lead mentor, Jay Obsniuk was hired to Plymouth-Canton Community Schools District. He had worked in the South Lyon school district before, where he had first heard about FIRST when 67 Team HOT approached him about forming a team. Shortly after being hired, Mr. Obsniuk asked Plymouth-Canton if he could start a robotics team leading to the formation of team 465. FIRST helped us to find a sponsor, CTS, and our inaugural season began. Originally CTS wasn’t interested in being our sponsor but the mentors from CTS really made the season a success . Our team’s president was a sister of a Team 45 member. Our season went quite well and we went to Disney World, Orlando, Florida for National Championship. We were selected 8th seed alliance at Great Lakes Regional due to our highly engineer-influenced team. Our main mentor, Mr. Obsniuk, was also able to go to Dean Kamen’s house in New Hampshire that year.