In the design subgroup we use Autodesk Inventor CAD software (Computer Aided Design), 3D printers, hand-drawings, and real-world prototypes to help us transform an idea in someone’s head to fully operational robot. We collaborate with almost every single subgroup to accomplish this task. Although we mainly work with fabrication, we also partner with electrical, programming, and marketing to complete the objectives.

We use utilize the design process to make sure that our operation runs as efficiently as possible We start with a brainstorming session for each part and make conceptual sketches or CAD models. Once the team decides which idea to use, we began to finalize this mechanism. This usually goes through multiple revisions and improvements before it is ready to be assembled. Once the model has been completed, we make a drawing, revise any errors, and send it to fabrication to be put on the robot. Even after build season ends, we continue to work on new ideas to improve the robot so it can perform even better at competitions.